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1. Did you know that you may now be able to benefit or protect yourself, a family member or your estate by taking into consideration new laws for the elderly?

2. Did you know there is now a five-year look back on making gifts should you need to go into a nursing home?

3. Did you know that if you have an adult child living with you, or who you want to live with you as your caregiver, and you can give that child your primary residence in a tax favored manner in return for caring for you after two years? 

4. Did you know that if your spouse had to go into a nursing home, you can exempt your house, your furnishings, personal effects, one car and up to $92,000.00 in other assets, and your spouse will still be entitled to Medicaid? a. Did you know you can legally spend down the rest of your spouse’s assets after your spouse applies for Medicaid for your own personal use and enjoyment without fear of a penalty?

5. Did you know it could be very important for you to have your spouse deed your co-owned house to you alone as soon as it becomes apparent your spouse will have to go into a nursing home?

6. Do you have a question about transferring your estate by way of a trust rather than by way of probate? 

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