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This office has represented hundreds of injured workers before the Workers’ Compensation Board, and has argued many important issues before both the Appellate Division and State Supreme Court. This area of law has become especially difficult since the 1993 law changes in the State of Maine. Relatively few attorneys in York County still accept workers’ compensation cases. The main reason seems to be that the injured worker must now pay for their legal expenses in most instances, even if the insurance company is treating the person unfairly. 

The standard fee arrangement recommended by the Maine Workers’ Compensation Board is 30% of the benefits received by the employee while being assisted by the attorney, and most injured workers can not afford to pay this—they have enough trouble putting food on the table. This is especially difficult when insurance carriers are willing to spend whatever it takes to win a case. If it seems at all financially feasible to do so, I have elected to continue representing workers who feel they need a lawyer to fight for them against the insurance lawyers. 

Usually, that is not the case unless you are missing time from work and the insurance carrier is not paying you the benefits you are entitled to. 

If it is not financially feasible to hire an attorney, an injured should seek out the services of an employee advocate. These individuals are employees of the Workers’ Compensation Board, and I have found them to be hard working. Unfortunately, although they do their best for injured workers, for the most part, they are not attorneys, and perhaps even more importantly, I have heard many complaints that they are just too busy to give injured workers the kind of representation many feel they need to protect their rights.

If you have a serious injury, and you are losing time from work without being fully compensated, I may be able to help you. 

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